Make Your Own Homemade Bird Feeders

Would you like to have bird feeders in your yard but don’t want to buy them? Here are some ideas for you to make your own homemade bird feeders.

Orange Feeder

1. Use an orange, lemon or lime citrus skin for a bird feeder. Don’t throw away your citrus skins. You can use these to make a bird feeder. Hollow out the citrus skin and nail it or hang it from a tree trunk. Then fill the skin with seeds. You can also put the citrus skins on the ground or on a wall or fence and then mix peanut butter or suet with seed and put that in the hollowed out citrus cup. Mixing the peanut butter with the seed will prevent the citrus skin from tipping over and spilling out all of the seed.

Pine Cone Feeder

2. Take a pine cone and spread peanut butter on it. Then roll the pine cone in birdseed. You can do this with any size pine cone and then you can hang them from a tree branch.

3. Empty plastic milk jugs make great bird feeders. Cut a hole in the side of the milk jug about 3 inches from the bottom. Tie some string to the jug handle and then hang it from a tree branch. Fill the bottom of the jug with birdseed.

Water Bottle Feeder

4. You can also use the plastic 2-liter soda bottles in place of the milk jugs. Just cut a hole in the side of the empty 2-liter bottle, tie the string around the neck of the bottle and tie it to a tree branch. Put the cap back on the bottle to secure the string. Fill the bottom of the bottle with birdseed.

5. You can hang suet cakes in mesh holders from tree branches or you can nail them to tree trunks. Just be sure that when using suet, you put them high enough that raccoons cannot get to them. Raccoons love suet cakes.

Suet Cake Feeder

6. You can also use paper, plastic or Styrofoam cups to make bird feeders. Take some yarn and wrap the one end around the middle of a small stick or craft stick to secure it. Put a hole in the bottom of the cup and put the yarn through the hold. Pull the yarn through until the craft stick is against the bottom of the cup. Tie the yard to a tree branch and then fill the cup with seed. If you have a really tall cup instead of filling it with seed, spread peanut butter on the outside of the cup and then roll it in birdseed.

7. You can also make bird feeders out of plastic containers, like the ones that come with cream cheese in them. Make the feeder like you would using the plastic cup and then fill this plastic container with birdseed, suet or make your own peanut butter and bird seed bird cakes.

These are just a few of the ways that you can make your own homemade bird feeders. You don’t have to spend a lot of money at the store buying bird feeders. Make your own and come up with your own unique variations of the ones listed above. Because these are so inexpensive to make, you can put quite a few of these out and feed a lot more birds.


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