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Grease Balls for the Birds: Feeding Birds in Winter

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere then you will know by now that winter is only a stone’s throw away. That means freezing cold days and nights, ice, frost and in some cases lots of snow. Once winter does arrive and you are cosy and warm in the house do you ever consider the …

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6 Easy Ways to Help Wild Birds Survive Extreme Winter Weather

1. Keep your feeders well stocked, especially first thing in the morning. After a long, cold night, your backyard birds need high-energy foods like black oil sunflower seeds, quality suet, peanuts and peanut butter. 2. Make sure your bird feeders are clear of snow and ice. After a heavy snow, my feeders are covered and …

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What to Do to Help Wild Birds During the Winter

Prior to the onset of climate change,wild birds could survive fairly well in the winter. The combination of climate change and declining bird habitat has made it tougher for birds to survive. There are some pretty simple things that you can do to ensure that the birds in your area can be healthy through the …

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