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Make Your Own Homemade Bird Feeders

Would you like to have bird feeders in your yard but don’t want to buy them? Here are some ideas for you to make your own homemade bird feeders. 1. Use an orange, lemon or lime citrus skin for a bird feeder. Don’t throw away your citrus skins. You can use these to make a …

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7 Fun Fall Bird Feeding Tips

Did you know that your backyard birds like to start gathering food for winter during the autumn months? If you don’t feed birds year round, fall is a great time to set up your bird feeding station. Birds like Blue Jays stash seeds just as chipmunks and squirrels do. Science has shown that they also …

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10 Rules for Choosing the Best Bird House

Purchasing a quality bird house is money well spent, and represents a good investment in the future of your backyard birds. Look for these features to determine the best one to buy: 1. The inside floor base should be at least 4″x4″ to accommodate a bird nest. Most small to medium backyard birds can use …

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