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Create Safe Habitats for Birds by Planting Climbing Roses

“Wow, did you see that? Your climbing rose bush just saved a whole family of Northern Cardinals!” My friend and I had just been enjoying a fragrant walk around my garden, when suddenly a hawk had swooped within inches of the tail feathers of a bright red cardinal. That cardinal was flying hard and fast …

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A Guide on the Northern Cardinal and Information on How to Attract These Birds Into Your Back Yard

If you take the time and trouble to provide suitable feeders, foods and habitat in your garden you may be able to attract the beautiful Northern Cardinal bird into your back yard. The males particularly with their spectacular red plumage, will, when attracted to your garden provide hours of bird watching entertainment. Identification The male …

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The Romantic Songbirds of Spring – The Northern Cardinals

This beauty bird is the only member of the cardinal family found in the northern hemisphere thus referred to as the Northern cardinal. It is named a named “cardinal” after the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, who wear distinctive red robes and caps. They are native to the near arctic region. They are found …

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